Gastineau Wardrobes 2 Drawer 4 Doors 2 Mirrors Walnut

£ 279.95

The Gastineau Grand Wardrobe in Walnut Finish and black has been styled and crafted using polished polyester with walnut, Thus enhancing look and feel of your bedroom and adding a luxury look to your home. Containing metal runners, 2 hanging areas, 5 large shelves and long metal handles. This wardrobe also has 4 doors, 2 with mirrors, and 2 deep-set drawers Superb This wardrobe is designed not only as a stand alone item, but also to go alongside the other Gastineau wardrobes in the range, allowing them to fill almost any space in the household. You can also purchase separate lights to show off this unit to the best its ability Features: Crafted from the highest grade materials Item: Wardrobe only Exceptional build quality - designed to add style and luxury to your home Material: Walnut finish and black Gloss and polyester stand alone item Additional Wardrobes and light accessories available to purchase This is a solid piece of furniture Heavy duty packaging Part of our Gastineau wardrobes furniture collection Dimensions: The overall dimensions of the Wardrobe W 180cm x H 199cm D 58cm

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