SleepShaper Backcare Pocket 1000 Kingsize

£ 249.99

Featuring 1000 individually pocketed springs, the SleepShaper Backcare Pocket 1000 is designed with your comfort in mind. To ensure support from edge to edge and a consistently comfortable sleeping surface, these pocket springs move independently from each other and are encased within a foam border.The Smartsilver cover, which is removable and machine washable, uses a silver yarn that is woven into the mattress cover in order to utilise silver’s natural antimicrobial properties to restrict bed bugs and dust mites, and to control the growth of bacteria, fungus, and mould. Such an innovative cover makes this mattress perfect if you suffer from allergies, and it allows you to wake up in the morning feeling fresh and well rested.Please note: Spring count refers to a 5ft Kingsize model.

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