Bergamo Extendable Dining Table In Solid Oak

£ 1 079.96

With this dining table you are prepared for any occasion. Whether leisurely enjoying breakfast with your loved ones or a sweeping birthday party with many guests. Bergamo offers each of your guests a place. You can easily extend Bergamo from 160 cm Width x 90 cm Depth standard size, up to 210cm Width x 90 cm Depth and thus offer an elegant table even for larger events. Can easily be combined with natural and modern living styles. Rounding out this is the pedestal is a stainless steel base, which gives the table a solid hold and simultaneously emphasizes its timeless, modern look. Bergamo combines aesthetics and function in a unique way and will also inspire you. Bergamo Extendable Wooden Dining Table In Oak 160 cm to 210 cm Features: Pedestal dining table in oak Table Edge: 50mm doubled Table Base: Stainless Steel Finish Table Top: solid plate / integrated folding insert 50 cm Dimensions: 160 to 210 cm Width x 78 cm Height x 90 cm Depth

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