Hampton Solid Oak Extension Dining Table & 6 Lincoln Oak Leather Chairs

£ 866.89

The Hampton dining table is made entirely from 100% solid oak timber and features an easy to use extension mechanism which effortlessly opens to reveal an extension panel stored within the table. The extension panel fits in the centre of the table on a solid sturdy frame capable of holding immense weight without stressing or giving way under pressure. This is unlike many other extension tables where the panels have to be mounted on the ends of the table where there is little support, which can cause the arms of the panels to weaken and break. When fully extended the Hampton can seat upto 6 people and when closed it will seat 4. The Hampton has a lacquered finish to ensure all year round protection. There's no need to apply oil to this oak. Remember we use 100% solid oak on every part of this table, this is not part solid part veneer furniture. Each table ishandmade by skilled craftsmen and is truly built to last a lifetime. Important quality note: It is important to point out that all of our tables are made from solid pieces of full length oak not finger jointed oak. When comparing to other similar tables over the internet it is important you realise this. We offer close up images to see this. If you look carefully at other sellers you will see that their tables are actually made from finger jointed oak. This method uses off cuts of oak and other types of wood which are joined together to create larger lengths, much like a jigsaw puzzle. This creates an unnatural look. THE CHAIRS The Vancouver chairs are quite simply irresistible. Made of 100% solid oak these chairs feature the classic ladder back design with a dark brown premium bonded leather upholstered seat. The seat is padded for comfort making this chair ideal for entertaining guests. Our chairs have a chunky design with braced support, unlike other similar chairs on the market we don't compromise on quality. These chairs are truly built to last a life time. The Vancouver chairs come fully built, no assembly required. Stocks on this particular deal are very limited so once they're gone, they're gone. This is a time limited offer. DIMENSIONS Dining Table Length closed: 120cm Length extended: 160cm Width: 80cm Height: 73cm Dining Chair Width: 43cm Depth: 45cm Height: 98.5cm Seat height: 52cm

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